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    Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll contest throughout #AdobeSummit 2018-05-05 00:11:29 by Hootsuite
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    Hi everyone, and welcome to the #AdobeSummit chat! Where are you joining in from? Follow and use the #SummitChat ha… 22:00:18 by Hootsuite
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    Is your brand embracing a human-first strategy? Here are the 3 things you need to remember. @hootpenny #AdobeSummit… 21:25:08 by Hootsuite
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    RT @AdobeSummit: Our Exchange Partner of the Year is.... @hootsuite! Congratulations! @HootPartners #AdobeSummit 02:07:02 by Hootsuite
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    Adobe Think Tank luminaries dish on trends influencing experiences: via @AdobeSummit… 02:15:19 by Hootsuite
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    RT @fladdict: #AdobeSummit 見た限り、これからの広告ワークフローは、「マーケ部がデータ推論とAIで、勝率の高い絵コンテやポンチ絵を自動生成」→「クリエイティブチームが、絵コンテベースにバッキバキに清書する」という流れになりそう。 つまりクリエイティブ提…2018-03-31 07:42:14 by 桐島ローランド
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    Did you hear that we won "@Adobe Partner of the Year" at #AdobeSummit? @jeremyjwood gives us all the details:… 05:55:12 by Hootsuite
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    The countdown to @AdobeSummit is on... ⏱ Be on top of your game and read the Digital in 2018 report before you get… 08:15:11 by Hootsuite
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    If you didn’t already know, we’ll be heading to #AdobeSummit in 10 days! (We’re gold sponsors 2018-03-16 04:58:47 by Hootsuite
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    We're excited to announce that we'll be at @AdobeSummit as a Gold Sponsor! 2018-03-14 07:15:11 by Hootsuite
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    日米首脳会談に向けて「日米経済成長/投資イニシアチブ」が検討されているとの記事。Japan eyes US job, investment initiative ahead of Abe-Trump summit 07:12:22 by 藤末 健三